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Dr Hansen


About Hansen

Dr. Hansen is a naturopathic doctor scottsdale and his mission is to provide men, women and children with the essential nutrient co-factors required to support and stimulate inherent mechnisms that will allow the body to heal itself without the use of prescription drugs .


The Hansen Clinic offers a naturopathic solution to early menopause symptoms in women called Bio-Identical Hormones. To learn more, or to see if Bio-Identical Hormones are right for you, contact us today.

Family Care

Our Total Family care is designed to help you and your family avoid the use of harmful drugs and surgeries with naturopathic medicines. To learn more about our family care services, contact us today.


Not only do we provide both individual and family health care srvices, but the Hansen Clinic also offers skin care treatments to feel and look younger. Schedule an appointment with our onsite aesthetician today. For a chance to win free products or services, simply subscrice to Dr. Hanse's newsletter today. We send notifications of our winners every month, so make sure to check your e-mails.


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